4 thoughts on “Natural methods of induction

  1. Amanda

    I needed to hear that. Thanks naomi. I feel bad that at 38+4 I’m already trying to think of ways to induce labour. I need to just enjoy this time and trust that labour will come. Natural ways are worth a go though, might try some ‘tepid’ sex lol.

  2. Bec

    Thanks lovely 🙂 So, so SO!!! worth the wait, and reality is 6 days is not much of a wait, but you’re very right went you’re waiting to meet your new little person a specific date just gives you something to focus on and frustrate you a bit. Tim thinks they should just say something like, early, mid, late or end of the given month…
    And a great explanation of the methods… only tried about 4 of these… in the end labour started after we went out for a big lunch and dessert to console ourselves that we’ll just need to wait and know it’ll happen when it happens… then Tim went to church without me… no point letting an overdue date rule things… within 10 hours we were holding our beautiful little girl 🙂


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