Levi’s labour photos

I thought you might be interested in seeing some of my labour photos (this site will not allow > 32mb uploads, but when I can get around this I’ll try and upload the video too). I’ll start with Levi’s birth (Arlo’s has much less media as it was so quick, but I’ll post it another time). I hope these images don’t scare you. That is not my intention. I just think the art of birth is so secret these days that people don’t know anything about the process, or what it’s like, until they are having a baby themselves. I hope by viewing these photos, you can see that although birth is painful for most people, it is also manageable, especially with the help of relaxation, movement, upright positioning and water immersion.

It’s probably beneficial to read Levi’s birth story before looking at these photos.

The early stages of labour, I had a birth ball behind my knees for when I felt that I needed to sit and rock

Refuelling, with wild hair after some mean contraction work

Using all fours position during and in between contractions, with an anxious observer

Patiently waiting, being there for me in case I needed anything. Love these two women so much!

I used the bed sometimes and did the birth "hula" during contractions

My beautiful support family

Finally in the bath

Squatting and leaning on bath for support, glorious!

The water down my back felt fantastically soothing and relaxing

Candles were around the room, with lovely music to help relax me between contractions

This was all set up without me noticing. Just one of the lovely things about being cared for at home by an amazing midwife

It was not long after this, when I had to be transferred to hospital. We took our new digital SLR camera but we were very novice at using it so the pictures are all blurry and not at all worth showing, but here is one just to give you the idea.


Stark contrast to home - bright light, lying down, blue gas tube trailing from my head, electronic fetal monitoring straps around my waist. Just not nice.

Then he was here.

All the people I love, catching my baby. My hands are there too! Scary amount of meconium

My amazing reward

A truly life changing experience

Hope you enjoyed my birth story in photo form!

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