Midwife of the week #11

Introducing the lovely midwife Alisha and her short-but-sweet midwife of the week interview.

1. What is your name, age and favourite colour?

I’m 27, favourite colour turquoise.

2. When did you know you wanted to become a midwife?

I knew I wanted to be a midwife when i was 19.

3. Where did you do your midwifery training? Why did you choose that particular uni/hospital?

I did my training at UTS. I chose UTS as it was the partner uni with Sutherland/St George hospitals, the closest hospitals to home.

4. How long have you been a midwife? And what area of midwifery do you work in?

I’ve been registered going on 2 years and I rotate everywhere.

5. Are you a mum? Whether you answered yes or no, do you think that has any affect on your practice as a midwife?

Yes, I’m a mum of 2 and yes I think it hugely effects my practice.

6. What is your favorite birthing memory?

Fav birthing memory??? Too many to decide on 1, but honestly probably my own labour and birth, does that count?

7. Can you recall a time when you were most scared as a midwife?

I was most scared with the 1st shoulder dystocia I witnessed as a student. It was a bad one, head was out for nearly 3 mins then she had a 3L pph [post partum haemorrhage] really scary, I cried at home for ages!

8. What’s your birthing or midwifery philosophy?

My birthing philosophy is – ┬áits “womens choice”, as long as they make an informed decision, I’ll back them 100% with whatever they want!

9. Do you think you’ll still be a midwife in 20 years?

Yes I think I’ll be a midwife in 20years.

10. What’s one thing you want every expectant mother to know?

Every mother should know there is no such thing as a birth plan! You need to be open the possibility that anything could happen & you’ll probably poo yourself.

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