Midwife of the week #2!

Thanks to Judy, this week’s midwife in the spotlight!

1. What is your name, age and favourite colour?

Judy Massey, age 52, blue.

2. When did you know you wanted to become a midwife?

Always had an idea I would like it, knew it was right choice from first birth attended…was on such a high for days…amazing to see such a miracle before my eyes.

3. Where did you do your midwifery training? Why did you choose that particular uni/hospital?

RPAH Camperdown, coming from the country it was known to be a great hospital to gain experience . Did general nursing then the midwifery certificate.

4. How long have you been a midwife? And what area of midwifery do you work in?

Since 1981. Now in antenatal clinic & parent education.

5. Are you a mum? Whether you answered yes or no, do you think that has any affect on your practice as a midwife?

Mum to Anna 23 & Tom 22. I love being a mum & try to share this enthusiasm with positive ideas.

6. What is your favourite birthing memory?

After a birth I attended & the new mum didnt recognise me, but knew my voice, I felt I helped her without being “obvious” in the room & she felt she had “done it all by herself”.

7. Can you recall a time when you were most scared as a midwife?

As a student midwife & thinking…”there is soooo much to remember”.

8. What’s your birthing or midwifery philosophy?

Trust your body, nature generally knows best. I would love to get rid of the fear of childbirth.

9. Do you think you’ll still be a midwife in 20 years?

Probably not, I will be retired but still playing tennis, might even have grandchildren.

10. What’s one thing you want every expectant mother to know?

The joy of motherhood, not always easy but always rewarding.

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