Midwife of the week #4

Thanks Rachel M for being the fourth Midwife of the week!

1. What is your name, age and favorite colour?

Rachel ,38,Pink.

2. When did you know you wanted to become a midwife?

My whole reason for becoming a nurse was to eventually become a midwife and having worked in other areas of health care, I believe the profession of midwifery offers me both personal and professional fulfillment.

3. Where did you do your midwifery training? Why did you choose that particular uni/hospital?

UTS Broadway-heard it was a great uni with some fantastic midwifery educators who were hands on with the latest evidence based practice.

4. How long have you been a midwife? And what area of midwifery do you work in?

3 Years/ I work within antenatal (particularly childbirth preparation classes), delivery and postnatal areas.

5. Are you a mum? Whether you answered yes or no, do you think that has any affect on your practice as a midwife?

Yes I have 3 children. I believe having been through the process of childbirth has made it easier in some ways to care for women during labour and also offer support and advice in postnatal issues mainly through life experiences, but each woman and her journey is so different from the next that I am constantly learning and developing in my career.

6. What is your favourite birthing memory?

Giving birth myself!

7. Can you recall a time when you were most scared as a midwife?

In my student days when a multip delivered beautifully on all fours but the baby came out white and had to be resusitated for over 40 minutes and as each minute went by my heart nearly stopped! The intensive care team took another hour or so before the baby was transferred, it was a very scary moment and I still don’t know what happened or why as everything was normal in labour. Just goes to show anything can happen in this job.

8. What’s your birthing or midwifery philosophy?

Just to develop a bond with a woman as best I can, support her needs and act as her advocate at a very special and personal time.

9. Do you think you’ll still be a midwife in 20 years?

Yep am not changing careers for anything!

10. What’s one thing you want every expectant mother to know?

The joy that this precious human being will bring them (even through the tough times)!

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