Midwife of the week #5

Thanks Sam for your perspective and insights into the world of midwifery!

1. What is your name, age and favourite colour?

Sam Alderton, 29, blue

2. When did you know you wanted to become a midwife?

I always wanted to be a nurse and when I was training as an enrolled nurse I had a placement in maternity and loved it, took me 6 years to finally come back but here I am.

3. Where did you do your midwifery training?

Why did you choose that particular uni/hospital? Studied at UTS and through St George/Sutherland hospitals. I chose the hospitals due to convenice as it’s close to home and I had worked at Sutherland previously and loved the hospital

4. How long have you been a midwife? And what area of midwifery do you work in?

I have been a fully fledged midwife for just over a year now, I work on a rotation plan across all areas of midwifery

5. Are you a mum? Whether you answered yes or no, do you think that has any affect on your practice as a midwife?

Not a mum yet but definitely want my own kids (and NO, working in this area has not turned me off having kids). I definitely think being a mum impacts on your practice as a midwife as you can share personal experience and empathise with the women however being a mum or not doesn’t determine your capability as a practitioner

6. What is your favorite birthing memory?

I still find every birth an amazing experience. I love seeing the parent’s first reaction to their new baby and I just feel so privileged to be able to share their birth experience

7. Can you recall a time when you were most scared as a midwife?

When I first started as a student midwife and I was doing my first birth I remember stressing over how much blood there was, being from an emergency nursing background blood is not a good thing, I soon realized some blood loss is a normal part of birth.

8. What’s your birthing or midwifery philosophy?

Relax and trust your body, the baby is coming out no matter what

9. Do you think you’ll still be a midwife in 20 years?

I think so yes.

10. What’s one thing you want every expectant mother to know?

You know your body best, trust your body and trust your instincts.

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