Mummy wars

Today I am being lazy. I read an article called “What’s With The Mom Wars Over Giving Birth”. The article was posted on a blog called “babble”.

The basic gist of the article is that we should support and respect each other’s pregnancy, birth and parenting decisions, rather than attack each other and push our point with no regard for one another’s feelings and reasons.

Because this is pretty much exactly what I believe, I thought I’d just give you this link rather than write my own post. Let’s stop the competition, bickering and comparing and start empowering and educating ourselves with research based information, so we can make an informed choice about the best options for ourselves, our babies and our families. We can never know the motivation or reasons behind other people’s choices, so let’s not be judgmental, but try and see their perspective.

I find it quite ironic that in the comments section of an article that is all about accepting people’s personal choices, someone would comment (seemingly judgmentally) on the author’s birth choice. Check it out…

Click here for Babble post: Mom Wars

One thought on “Mummy wars

  1. Sarah

    I’d hazard a guess that alot of women requesting caesareans (for no medical indication) are not fully informed with the research regarding risks of caesareans…..


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