Baby wearing product review

Baby wearing is becoming more and more common. Most parents will try it at one point or another. There are many benefits, such as having a more settled baby, being able to do things with two hands especially when bub is unsettled, increased bonding time and convenience when out and about. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle their baby, not having to lug around a pram and sometimes even being able to breastfeed?

There are so many baby wearing devices available. Some of these include slings, baby carriers and baby backpacks. I have used almost every type and here’s my top picks:

1) Slings

This sling has a padded shoulder and padded adjustable clip for different sling heights

Baby comfy inside sling

6kg baby comfy inside the sling


  • Easy to use
  • Keeps baby in natural curled fetal position
  • Good for little babies up to about 6-7kg
  • Some styles have padded or wide shoulders for comfort


  • Baby starts feeling very heavy on one shoulder after an hour or so
  • As baby lays sideways it is easy to knock their heads on things
  • People sometimes don’t realise your wearing a baby and can bump the baby (a waitress bashed by 5 day old baby in the head as she put down the plate)
  • Not great for people with back problems
  • Some people feel like baby will fall out when bending over (I’ve never experienced this feeling)

2) Ergo baby

7 week old baby, front carry

Back view with shoulder and waist straps

Carrying a toddler on my back (note: straps falling down the bottom are to attach the head support to the shoulder straps)


  • Can be used from newborn (with infant insert) to quite heavy toddler
  • Baby can be worn on your front or back (from 6 months old)
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable for wearer with padded straps
  • Baby feels secure


  • Baby can not face outwards when worn on the front
  • If older baby falls asleep the head support still allows their heads to fall back quite a lot
  • Arms can rub where the shoulder strap padding finishes

3) Hugabub

Baby worn facing outwards (note: should not be done until 6 months, that's why he looks awkward)

Baby worn facing inwards


  • Very comfortable
  • Baby feels very secure even when bending
  • Can be used from newborn to toddler
  • Baby can face forwards or backwards
  • With a little positioning adjustment, I am able to breastfeed whilst baby carrying


  • Baby can not be worn on your back
  • Very hard to use (takes a lot of practice to put it on and put baby in)
  • Can be hard to lift your arms when the shoulder section is spread out properly
  • Baby can start to feel heavy after a few hours

4) Baby backpacks

Without sunshade

With sunshade (there is also a rain cover not shown here)


  • Great for hiking
  • Good for babies 6 months and older
  • Quite comfortable even for heavier babies
  • Most styles have a storage section so you don’t need to also carry a nappy bag
  • Some styles have a built in sunshade


  • Bulky metal frame adds weight
  • Can feel heavy after a few hours
  • Hard to store as it is bulky and big with a metal frame

There are many varieties of baby carriers and in the end it comes down to personal preference. I have enjoyed all the different types at different times and for different purposes. It is also weather dependent, ie; hot weather you would use one with the least amount of fabric, but winter its nice to snuggle with the baby close to your skin. I give the award for versatility to the Ergo baby. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “Baby wearing product review

  1. Victoria b

    Thanks for the tips I’m definitely getting a baby carrier don’t know about the baby rucksack though looks a bitheavy and don’t think I’ll be doing any hiking

  2. mumnapp

    a freind told me about this great site. shame it wasn’t around when i had my babies.congratulations midife mum. hope you enjoy every day with your two beautiful boys.


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