A Third Pink Bundle

Last night I witnessed a miracle. It’s a miracle that I am privileged enough to witness more than most people in the world. I witnessed the miracle of birth. But this birth was very special to me. My beautiful birthing goddess sister, breathed her baby out with amazing strength and trust and focus. She welcomed her third baby girl onto her chest with a big sigh of relief.

It was a tough journey. Growing a baby while looking after a 3 and a 1 and half year old, I have nothing but respect and awe for what she has done. Also, having to wait 8 days past her due date after having two previous babies who came a few days early, you’d think she would’ve gone crazy. She didn’t. She was frustrated and anxious for baby to come but never cranky, crazy or impatient (though I’m sure she felt that way on the inside). I think this is because she trusts her amazing body. Her body instinctively knows what to do. Even when her brain questions (“I don’t know when to push”) her body knows. It takes over and she just needs affirmation and reassurance to allow her body to do the work it is doing.

I also can’t forget the daddy bear. The calming male presence. Trusting his wife. Trusting birth. He watched, quiet, patient, and made sure my sister was well hydrated and safe. The look of joy in his eyes while he helped pull out his baby girl, while the love of his life breathed her out. The tears that flowed while his strong hands held his naked daughter. He’s a brilliant birthing partner.

I am so thankful to be allowed into these precious moments. It is truly an honour that I sometimes take for granted, and shouldn’t. But for this day, I am especially thankful. Welcome earthside, my chubby adorable little niece, Bree Xanthe. I love you so much already.

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