Long time, no see!

I started this blog about 2 and a half years ago, after my second son was born. It was mostly to occupy the innumerable hours I spent awake in the middle of the night, feeding a newborn and being bored. I was pretty consistent for a few months there but then it all got too hard, and since I’m a closet perfectionist when it comes to my writing, I just stopped writing altogether. But…(writing perfectionist starting a sentence with “but”?? Deal with it!)… It seems that once a year or so, I get a huge pang of wanting to restart my blogging. The catalyst this year is that I have soooo many friends having babies at the moment. It makes me think about all things baby, mummy and midwifery.

I love when my friends ask me for advice about birth or babies or breastfeeding. It’s not a chore. I don’t get sick of it. I spend a considerable amount of time, even outside of work thinking and talking about these things. I also love hearing about people who are really eager to empower themselves with all the research based information available regarding all things birth and baby. I’d like to help consolidate some of the information people want to know. So friends… this is where I need your help! I’ve got a few posts in the pipeline, but I want to know – What would you like me to write about??

Looking forward to being inspired!


3 thoughts on “Long time, no see!

  1. Emma Voyce

    Hey Naomi! Would love to see a post about moving from breast feeding to starting solids and mixing the two. I’m putting it off coz I don’t know where to start!

  2. Nat

    Hi Naomi! Good to see the blog up and running again! I love reading it. I would love a post about second and subsequent births and things that your body does differently after that first birth. Things like pushing, tearing, healing, breastfeeding again etc. happy writing! Love nat xx


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